Kidney Transplant

The transplant of a kidney into a patient with end-stage kidney disease is known as a kidney transplant or renal transplant. .

BON Hospital has successfully completed more than 650 renal transplants, making it one of the top transplant centres in the state.

Our team of skilled surgeons has achieved the highest success rate in the field of medical science after performing kidney transplants from both live and deceased donors.

Depending on the source of the organ donor, kidney transplantation is often divided into deceased-donor and living-donor categories.

Our skilled surgeons at BON Hospital have extensive backgrounds in medicine, which is shown in the never-before-seen success rate.

Our patients have trusted BON Hospital with their kidney transplants because of the combination of the latest technologies.


Our Achievements in Kidney Transplantation

  • Our team has conducted around 500 kidney transplants from living donors and 150 kidney transplants from deceased donors, totaling 650 transplants.
  • Highest in Maharashtra - Our team's signature accomplishment is the state's highest number of transplants using deceased donors.
  • In our programme, renal transplantation in HCV-positive patients and donors is becoming commonplace.
  • One of the few teams with the most experience in managing simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplants, we are the only team in Maharashtra.
  • Following thorough pre-transplant planning, we have performed 5 kidney transplants in HIV-positive patients.
  • Our research also focuses on swap or paired exchange transplantation. We've worked on two of these cases. In order to facilitate swapping and enhance donor pools, we have established a register.