General Nephrology

General Nephrology focuses on management and prevention of Nephrotic Syndrome, Acute Nephritic Syndrome, Acute Renal Failure, and Chronic Renal Failure. As a tertiary care center, we specialize in treating Acute Renal Failure. The primary chronic kidney disease caused by diabetes is diabetic nephropathy..

Is a situation where someone develops swelling of his or her legs and face and is found to have protein in their urine, which is typically discovered by way of a kidney biopsy. Patients known to be afflicted are typically investigated by a kidney biopsy.

Kidney failure is generally reversible, but may result from certain causes. A common one is dehydration due to losing motion and vomiting. Other causes include infection, certain prescription drugs, snakebites, clogged urine pathways, or bufo can stillo.

Frequently causing children, redness of the urine is a common response to the signs and symptoms intervention, including a sore throat or skin infection. Typically when this progresses, red urine (due to urine in your bladder), Mirabile It is so distended, and a large increase in blood pressure occurs. This usually resolves by itself in just a few days to weeks, but this can take up to several months.

Is caused by irreversible kidney failure. Chronic Renal Failure is mostly caused by Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, long-term reliance on painkillers, genetic disorders, recurring urinary tract infections (particularly in children), and certain other conditions.

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