Renal Kidney Transplant

The BON Hospital Hospitals transplantation team has successfully carried out both living-related kidney transplants as well as cadaveric transplants with results that meet or exceed international standards.

Our transplant team consists of staff members who have been in this field for the last two decades. Live-related kidney transplantations are routinely performed at our hospital. Patients at our medical center are also enrolled for the cadaver transplant program under the auspices of the Jordan Research Center of Excellence for Transplants.

The transplant of a kidney is a live-focused procedure at our center if the following relatives of the patient agree to voluntarily donate a kidney.

Kidney transplant is performed on individuals with severe renal failure, which is considered when functioning drops sharply to less than 15 percent of normal.

During a renal transplant, the donor's kidney is moved through a precise procedure into the location of the recipient's kidney to negate the damage. If the recipient becomes infected with bacteria or has other health problems, the graft can be important before undergoing the removal operation. If the transplant is successful, the patient must regularly take medications for the long haul.